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    We have now successfully completed our initial project for Sokolow, in eastern Poland during May 2005. Three lorry loads of Humanitarian Aid in the form of clothing and medical supplies obtained by Metropolitan Police officers were packed in robust cartons then forwarded to a centrally located warehouse for distribution to the poor and needy. On many occasions tears just rolled down the faces of the very grateful recipients which triggered even more tears from our volunteers. Thus it has become clear that if we can raise funding for at least one more lorry, much can be achieved.

    Project Convoy is now raising money and materials to carry out the following work in Sokolow:

    1. To provide equipment in a special school for physically disabled children that will allow those caring for them to do so in a more inclusive lifestyle within their community.

    2. To provide equipment and training for the local volunteer Fire Brigade units in and around the District of Sokolow.

    3. To provide Computers and Playground Equipment for schools in this very rural part of Poland which does not have any of the resources that are now standard in UK schools.

    Project Convoy is always interested to hear of other areas in which we can provide humanitarian aid using the expertise and resources supplied to us by those Companies who support the many serving and retired Met Officers undertaking charity work abroad.

    The next Project Convoy planning meeting will be 2pm on 10 July 2008 at Skitt Mansions. Please bring any photos you have and forward any agenda items to Alan as soon as possible;- ALL YOUR IDEAS ARE WELCOME !!!

    If you would like further information, please send an e-mail to:

    Tele: 07979 667 552

    Project Convoy ~
    providing humanitarian aid for those in need !

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