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    Project Convoy is a humanitarian aid charity run by both serving and retired Metropolitan Police officers and their supporters for the benefit of those who need help and for whom the project has resources to assist through the kind and generous donations made by Companies and Individuals.


    There are three ways you can give your support to Project Convoy;

    1. Volunteer and let us make use of your expertise

    2. Donate Goods that can be used for Humanitarian Aid

    3. Donate Money that will be used to deliver Humanitarian Aid


    Our success is due to the many Companies and Individuals in Britain who by sponsorship and volunteering help us to help those who need humanitarian aid - PLEASE CONTINUE TO GIVE GENEROUSLY !!!

    If you would like further information, please send an e-mail to:

    Tele: 07979 667 552

    Project Convoy ~
    providing humanitarian aid for those in need !

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